Meet Our Campaign Team

Angela Cook - Campaign Manager and Treasurer, Website Design and Cat Herder

The most effective way to ensure that good decisions are being made in local government is to work to support excellent candidates. In the past two City election cycles, I managed Tami's campaigns and campaign teams for City Councilor and I'm back to ensure she has an excellent team to support her in this Supervisor race! Please join me in supporting an excellent candidate who you can trust to work in the best interest of her constituents. Contribute and volunteer today so we can get this done in June!

Sandy Goulart - Graphic Design and Brand Management


 After a long career in media advertising, marketing and campaign development - when Tami called and asked if I’d help with her Butte County Supervisor campaign, I was not only honored, but exited that she had chosen to throw her hat in the ring! Butte County is extremely fortunate to have a candidate with her vast training, credentials and proven experience. Her four years serving as a Chico City Councilor, her chosen career path as a Court Mediator, and her many years serving on several nonprofit boards - all working on behalf of social justice and human rights issues is what is so needed in our current divisive and pressing political environment!  I'm fortunate that I live in Butte County's 3rd District. Tami will represent us well, following in the footsteps of her predecessor, Maureen Kirk!  

Alex Brown - Social Media Wizard and Creative Collaborator


After several years in social services, working in the mental health, domestic violence, and sexual assault fields, I have applied my creative skills as a program developer and social worker to a freelance career as a writer and marketer. It has been an honor to combine my background in social work with my passion for digital marketing to Tami's campaign for Butte County Supervisor. Tami's conviction, passion, and experience as a leader and advocate for our community are only a few of the reasons I am honored to be a part of this campaign as her Social Media Coordinator, and I look forward to seeing her get elected on June 5, 2018!

If you're looking for some social media, copy writing, or graphic design support, feel free to get in contact with me at!

Becky Rivera - Volunteer Coordinator

 As someone who works in Butte County providing social services, I wanted to get involved with Tami's campaign for Supervisor because she brings the expertise and experience necessary to address issues of addiction, mental illness, and homelessness in Butte County.  I look forward to working with all of our volunteers as we wrap this up for Tami by the primary election! 

Sherry Bloker - Precinct Walking Coordinator and Trainer

I am a 20 year resident of Butte County and a retired public health nurse. I believe Tami’s experience in both governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as her problem solving and mediation skills make her the best candidate for District 3 Supervisor. Tami cares about all of our residents and her top priorities of prudent water policy and addressing our housing and mental health crises match mine. I am excited to assist in her campaign.

Master of All Things Audio/Video and Damn Fine Human Being

Dan Carter is the man when it comes to all things AV! He did a fantastic job on our videos, TV ads and radio spots. Additionally, he is patient, kind and incredibly helpful. We're most fortunate to have him on our team! 

Even More Team Members

Advisors Extraordinaire

The Campaign is very fortunate to have multiple experienced and talented advisors to help us put all the pieces together.

  • Marsha Cohen
  • Alan Chamberlain
  • Andy Holcombe
  • Randall Stone
  • Aaron Haar

Yard Sign Delivery Ninjas

We are so grateful for our sign delivery folks who help Tami to get the name recognition she deserves. 

  • Rob Cossetta
  • David Welch
  • Peggy Martindale
  • Thank you to Robin Trenda for planting the large signs!

Event Food Prep Artist

Having someone on our team who knows how to make beautiful and delicious food for our events is a great gift! Thank you Cherie Smith-Comfort!

King of Voiceovers

Thank you to Kelly Houston for doing the voiceovers on all of Tami's ads!

Voter List Project Managers

Thank you to Angela Cook and Paul Friedlander for culling the County voter lists to create manageable lists for Precinct Walking and Postcard Mailers. 

Precinct Walking Heroes

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to go door to door telling folks in our community about Tami and her campaign. Each one of you made a huge impact!

Ellen Galena
Margaret Swick
Diana Suzuki
Paul O'Rourke-Babb
Robin Trenda
Aaron Haar
Sandy Goulart
Ranata Langis
Charlotte Goldsmith
Chris Nelson
Luann Cicconi
Sherry Bloker

Bob Caldwell
Charlotte DeWitt
Bill DeWitt
Andy Holcombe
Ann Schulte
Ann Ponzio
Morgan Kennedy
Linda Fanning
Becky Rivera
Stacey Jolliffe
Barbara Morris
Karen Goldfarb
Peggy Martindale
Woody Elliott
Nancy Shanks
Debra Lou Hoffman 

Scott Huber

Bob Mulholland

David Welch

Daniel Duart

Margaret Lane-Broussard

Alex Brown

Rob Cossetta

Tom Reed

Michael Hawkins


UDW Volunteers