Tami's Top Three Priorities as Butte County Supervisor

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness are of the utmost importance, as we learned in 2017. Constituents need protection from fire, flood, and natural disasters. We need to implement greater collaboration between Butte County cities, nonprofits, faith-based groups, and the private sector to ensure evacuation plans, shelters, supplies, and communication systems are in place.  

The County also needs restored fire coverage,maintained roads for escape routes, and updated evacuation plans.

Housing Crisis and Homelessness

It is essential to address the current housing crisis and evaluate services for those with behavioral health issues. Prevention services and rapid rehousing services are crucial.  We need increased collaboration between county and city governments to facilitate cost-effective solutions to these very serious issues.  

Tami is the only candidate with direct experience in this area. As the prior Executive Director of the Torres Community Shelter and Habitat for Humanity, 

Protection of the North State's Water Interests

Prudent water policy is necessary to protect both ground and surface water and ensure ample supply for agricultural uses. We must protect the Tuscan Aquifer and the four county basins. It's critical to have sound representation of agricultural ground water users and private well owners. Preservation of groundwater dependent ecosystems and adherence to Habitat Conservation Plans will help sustain our County resources into the future.